Happy May Day

Help us celebrate May Day and the Labor Struggle by joining us at two events coming up in May. See the links below for downloadable fliers.

flyer - 2015-04-04

readers theater - 2015-04-19

The Readers Theater on May 1st was great. See some photos of it here.

Downloadable fliers:

May 30 Solidarity Fair: https://goo.gl/p8r8Vq

May 1 Readers Theater: https://goo.gl/PgNMuE

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Drones Quilt Project visits The Hague

Originally posted on drones quilt project:

DQP Corvallis 3One of the quilts from the Drones Quilt Project will be on display at the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom convention at The Hague from 27-29 April, 2015. Drones Quilt Project Leah Bolger will be attending the WILPF Congress and Convention.

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FCNL: Q&A on Nonmilitary Options against the Self-Proclaimed Islamic State


In this short piece, FCNL* asks all the right questions. The answers appear a bit simplistic at first glance, but imagine the possibilities if the world community had started with this approach and then aggressively fleshed out the necessary details.

Here’s a sample:

As FCNL watches the violence in Iraq and Syria and the U.S. bombing, we long for an answer of how to stop the killing and protect the people at risk. Some of you have shared with us your belief and frustration that military action seems like the only way to stop ISIS militants. We do not have all the answers at FCNL, but we remain concerned that this military action — like so many before it — will not help build a world free of war and the threat of war; indeed, it is likely to lead to greater violence and endless war.
Many of you had specific concerns about nonmilitary responses to ISIS, which we’ve offered our perspective on here:
How can the U.S. stop IS from killing people without going to war?
Seeking an end to ISIS requires acknowledging how ISIS began. ISIS grew out of the violence unleashed by the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and its aftermath, and the Syrian civil war. It has attracted thousands of recruits, the vast majority of whom are from Iraq and Syria, based on financial incentives and ideological promises of glory and opposition to perceived U.S. and Iranian hegemony. A group bombed into existence cannot simply be bombed out of existence. Instead, the U.S. must act immediately through a comprehensive strategy with local and international stakeholders to prevent further violence, while ensuring that any response does not do more harm over the long term: …..

Read the full article here: http://fcnl.org/issues/iraq/islamic_state_faq/

*Friends Committee on National Legislation, FCNL.org

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    Our Bill to Slash Nuke Weapons Funding

    Originally posted on Peace Action Blog:


    As you know, Peace Action formed over 60 years ago as The Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy to abolish nuclear weapons.  We have come a long way.  The world produced over 125,000 nuclear warheads and now around 17,000 remain.  And that number continues to decline.

    Write Congress now to move closer to abolishing nuclear weapons.

    Despite President Obama’s Prague speech a few years ago proclaiming a world free of nuclear weapons, he has committed to completely rebuilding all three legs of the U.S. nuclear triad – strategic bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and nuclear-armed submarines (SLBMs) and calls for spending $350 billion over the next decade and up to $1 trillion over the next 30 years.  Military experts agree that we cannot afford these costs and we can be completely secure with far fewer nuclear weapons.

    Next week, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) will introduce…

    View original 60 more words

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    News Worth Spreading: “There IS An Alternative to War!”

    Originally posted at his truly excellent blog by Joe Scarry, March 9, 2015. Please share widely. See his suggestions for spreading this important information on social media and elsewhere. And if you’re working on peace, especially nuclear disarmament, you should really follow Joe’s blog.


    I’m excited to be associated with an initiative called World Beyond War, and to be sharing a new resource it has created: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.

    Alternative to War weaves together the learnings of major peace efforts of recent times, and lays the foundation for a massive push for education and action.

    What I’m feeling particularly energized about is the potential for the thousands of people who have already signed on as supporters of World Beyond War — as well as millions more who are expected to do so soon — to become active participants in spreading this good news. Good news has always relied on a community to spread it; today, more than ever before, we all have powerful tools in our hands to be active spreaders.

    (1) Spreadability

    If an idea is really good, it’s worth spreading, and that’s especially true for Alternative to War. Continue reading

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    Gorbachev Confronts US Imperialism…Again

    This is an excellent interview of former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev by Sophie Shevardnadze of RT from December 2014. It’s just 24 minutes but so full of wisdom, history and insights on foreign affairs, especially Russia vs. the “west” today, e.g., Ukraine, sanctions, NATO, EU.

    See it here: http://youtu.be/5ZgBKc78zMI

    The world would be a much more peaceful place if there were more honest and brave leaders today willing to confront US (corporate-backed) imperialism.



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    The Corvallis Advocate:  World Peace Game

    Dave DeLuca wrote a great article on The World Peace Game for the February 26, 2015 edition of The Corvallis Advocate. Here it is:

    Hoover Fifth Graders Play World Peace Game

    “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
    – Sun Tzu, Sixth Century BCE

    Ancient wisdom teaches that the quest for peace requires deep understanding. OSU professor Terry Adams conveyed this wisdom to a fifth-grade class at Hoover Elementary. She quotes Sun Tzu every week before leading the students into sessions of the World Peace Game.

    The Corvallis Advocate first told you about the geopolitical role-playing exercise called the World Peace Game and its creator, John Hunter, back in October. The game takes place on a fictional planet, whose nations are poised on the brink of war. Victory is achieved when all conflicts are ended and all players are financially stable. Along the way, random political and natural crises must also be resolved. As if that’s not enough of a challenge for young scholars, they also have to end global warming.

    Read the full article and have a look at the photos of the Game in progress here.

    For more from the VFP Corvallis web site on bringing the World Peace Game to Corvallis see the posts here and here.

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