Photos From CODEPINK Pakistan Delegation

A picture’s worth a thousand words…

One of the CODEPINK members is keeping a photo journal of the Peace March against drones, set to begin Oct. 6.  Until then, they are holding high-level discussions in Islamabad with Pakistani civilian and military leaders as well as American Embassy officials.  Yesterday, they met with the current American charge d’affairs (acting ambassador), Ambassador Hoagland.  Some good coverage at Common Dreams here and here.

And Robert Naiman from Just Foreign Policy is on the ground with the group in Islamabad and is filing good updates, thus far here.

Also, please check out the new Avaaz petition for a virtual worldwide march in solidarity to the Peace March in Waziristan and the Just Foreign Policy petition.

And again, if you’re on Twitter, use the hashtags:  #stopdrones and #PTIPeaceMarch.

About VFP Linus Pauling Chapter

Veterans For Peace (VFP) is dedicated to eliminating war as an implement of foreign policy and to that end, works to educate the public about the true costs of war. Veterans For Peace (VFP) Linus Pauling Chapter 132 is a chapter of Veterans For Peace, St. Louis, MO, which has been waging peace since 1985 and is an NGO recognized by the United Nations. The local chapter and the national organization are both 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Veterans For Peace is made up of veteran and associate members. More information about the national organization, including our Statement of Purpose and contact information for a VFP chapter near you, may be found at:
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