Corvallis helps warm Kabul’s needy

Second Saturdays Benefit Concert Series – for a better world

January 12 Update… The concert last night drew an overflow crowd and raised over $1,100 for the Afghan Duvet Project.


Michelle Lovrich leads drummers during the first-half performance.

An Evening of West African Rhythms, with a participatory drum circle in the 2nd half!

Welcoming Michelle Lovrich, percussionist and drum circle facilitator.

All proceeds go to the Afghan Duvet Project –  See more about the Project below.

Saturday, January 11, 2014,  6 to 8 PM; Sunnyside Up Cafe; 116 NW 3rd St., Corvallis

(food, beer, and wine available for purchase)

Suggested donation:  $5 – $15 at the door

Michelle Lovrich  is host of the Corvallis First Saturday Community Drum and Rhythm Circle at Westminster House.  She has studied extensively with drum masters such as Mamady Keita, Bobby Bovenzi, and Mamadou Thioub, teachers of the ancient drum beats of Guinea and Senegal, rhythms noted for their dynamic, circular pulse –  some say hypnotic.226835_10150166091580964_654335963_6993121_3957212_n  For the first hour, Michelle, her students (including Leah Bolger, whom we all know!) and a few long time drumming friends will perform coordinated pieces using these traditional rhythms. If you’ve never participated in a drum/rhythm circle,  your opportunity awaits you in the second half of the concert.  It’s up to you to participate or just sit back, listen and relax to the pulse.  Some drums and percussion instruments will be available but you are welcome to bring your own. We hope to see you there!

Afghan Duvet Project:  We had a benefit for this amazing project last year and are so thankful we did.  It made a huge difference!  Now, another cold winter in Kabul, Afghanistan, with night time temperatures in the 20s.  Since the beginning of the US war on Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled the various war torn areas for tent cities, most notably around Kabul. It’s obviously a struggle for them, making due, often with no electricity and no heat.  Scores have died from freezing or exposure, a high proportion of them children.  A spokesman from Amnesty International said the freezing deaths are “a preventable tragedy” due to “inadequate coordination of winter assistance” in the camps.  Through the coordinated efforts of four main groups:  1) the Afghan Peace Volunteers who do much of the coordinating; 2) a women’s sewing collective in Kabul; 3)  the non-profit Voices of Creative Non-Violence (VCNV); and 4)  our  donations –  precious lives are being saved. The seamstresses are producing around 600 warm, stuffed duvets (2 layered blankets) every two weeks, which they distribute to people according to need and at no cost.  The seamstresses are paid for each duvet they make. In a society with limited economic opportunity for women, the Duvet Project enables the seamstresses to provide for their own families.  You can read more about the Duvet Project, click here.  Kathy Kelly (of VCNV) wrote about other projects being coordinated by the Afghan Peace Volunteers – click heresamia with duvets

Second Saturdays Benefit Concert Series is sponsored by:
Veterans for Peace, Linus Pauling, Chapter 132 and Corvallis Alternatives to War

About VFP Linus Pauling Chapter

Veterans For Peace (VFP) is dedicated to eliminating war as an implement of foreign policy and to that end, works to educate the public about the true costs of war. Veterans For Peace (VFP) Linus Pauling Chapter 132 is a chapter of Veterans For Peace, St. Louis, MO, which has been waging peace since 1985 and is an NGO recognized by the United Nations. The local chapter and the national organization are both 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Veterans For Peace is made up of veteran and associate members. More information about the national organization, including our Statement of Purpose and contact information for a VFP chapter near you, may be found at:
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