Amnesty Int’l Write4Rights Sample Tweets

These are sample tweets. Just copy and paste into your own tweet and send.

You can also search on the hashtags below (e.g., #4Rights, #FreeNabeel and #Bahrain) and retweet those.


BAHRAIN: NABEEL RAJAB (Jailed for a tweet)

I stand in solidarity with @nabeelrajab . Call for his immediate & unconditional release via http://www.amnestyusa #4Rights #Bahrain

Your Excellency @Khaled_Bin_Ali : Please release Prisoner of Conscience @nabeelrajab immediately. #4Rights #Bahrain #FreeNabeel


COLOMBIA: MONICA ROA (Women’s Rights Defender Under Attack)

I call on @JuanManSantos to investigate attacks against @MonicaRoa & @womenslink . Write #4Rights 2012

President @JuanManSantos, please effectively implement decriminalization of abortion @MonicaRoa @womenslink #4Rights


RUSSIA: PUSSY RIOT – (Imprisoned for a 41-second Song)

I support Pussy Riot #FreePussyRiot – Write #4Rights 2012

Or …

Release prisoners of conscience Nadya & Masha immediately – #FreePussyRiot Write #4Rights 2012


USA (Guantanamo): HUSSAIN SALEM MOHAMMED ALMERFEDI (Indefinite Detention Despite Court-ordered Release)

President @BarackObama — I oppose indefinite detention and unfair trials for remaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Write #4Rights 2012


USA (Missouri): REGGIE CLEMONS (On Death Row)

I stand in solidarity with death row inmate #ReggieClemons – Write #4Rights 2012

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