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Be wary of mainstream media’s portrayal of the Russia – Ukraine conflict

This article by former Marine intelligence officer and weapons inspector Scott Ritter outlines some of the issues that are ignored or obfuscated by mainstream media sources. Continue reading

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Sign the Petition to Ban Militarized Policing in Corvallis

Veterans For Peace (VFP) Linus Pauling Chapter, Mid-Valley, Oregon is sponsoring a petition calling on the Corvallis City Council to pass a resolution banning militarized policing in Corvallis.  VFP is looking for individual signers and other community organizations to co-sponsor, endorse, … Continue reading

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Unpacking “Thank you for your service”

Many veterans are uncomfortable with the sometimes insincere, performative offering of thanks they get from cashiers and others. Our VFP chapter member, Rodger Asai, offers these thoughts to consider.

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Memorial Day: Honor ALL victims of war

Letter to the editor, mid-Valley newspapers, May 30, 2021 “This Memorial Day, honor the fallen U.S. war hero if you will. But, where is the memorial day for victims of U.S. aggression? If you have studied the true history of … Continue reading

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Task & Purpose: The Pentagon tried to bury an alarming survey about widespread racism in the ranks

Posted at Task & Purpose here, Jan. 28, 2021. What many of us have known for years…CONFIRMED! From the article: “Overall, about one in five active duty members (17.9%) indicated experiencing racial/ethnic harassment and/or discrimination in the 12 months prior … Continue reading

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