Madison VFP Protest Video

Only those that have lived through the terror and destruction that is war can really understand how senseless violence and killing undermines the integrity of nations that perpetrate these crimes against world. Despite what the media misrepresents as high-tech precise military strikes, entire communities and even cities are destroyed killing non-combatants — innocent men, women and children. The trauma this inflicts on both sides of the conflict — are deep, profound, and last for generations.

Lars Prip and David Soumis are Vietnam War activists that a members of the National Chapter of Veterans for Peace. Each Saturday, they set up a display on the northeast corner of Madison’s popular outdoors farmers market for outreach and to educate the public about the reality of war and the ways it undermines our democracy, economy, and standing in the global community. Please watch this short video to learn more about the unique and historic flag he uses to carry the message. Peace.

Source:  YouTube video description here:

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