Peace Booth “Dot” Poll Federal Spending Priorities

Peace Booth 08Important: When you complete the poll, you must click on “Vote” at the bottom. If you want to make a comment on the poll and to help us see who has voted thus far, you must hit “Submit” after the comment block. Please mark up to eleven spending categories you would like to see represented on the dot poll. This is not to vote for where you would like your tax dollars to go; mark the categories you feel should be on our dot poll board. We hope to cover the entire political spectrum with the poll, so please help us select categories which reflect the entire range of possible opinions about federal spending, not just those with which you agree. There will be twelve categories on the board, so we will choose the most popular eleven from this poll and add the “Other” (twelfth) category for visitors to write in their “other” preference. Please also fill out the contact form at the bottom and hit the “Submit” button, so we know who has voted. Thanks for helping with this.

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