Sample Letter to Walmart Store Manager

November 22, 2012

Store Manager, Walmart Supercenter, 1330 Goldfish Farm Rd., Albany, OR 97322

Subject:  Fair Treatment of Walmart Employees

Dear Sir or Madam,

We understand that you do not have control over many Walmart corporate personnel and global trade/labor issues with which we find fault.

But you do have control over the work environment in your store.

We call on you to treat your workers with utmost fairness. Specifically, you should:

—  Maintain a work environment which promotes fair and equal treatment of all employees,

—  Promote an environment which encourages reporting unfair treatment, retaliation, and discrimination,

—  Investigate unfair labor practices and hold offending personnel accountable,

—  Specifically address potential labor and discrimination infractions during employee meetings and memos to the senior staff,

—  In short, demonstrate that you will not tolerate discrimination and retaliation in the Walmart workplace and that you will listen to and take appropriate action in response to your employees’ complaints.

As a former naval officers charged with leading hundreds of junior officers and sailors, we can tell you that, even though these practices will not always endear you to Walmart corporate leadership, you will certainly earn the respect and cooperation of your employees.

Thank you for considering these suggestions.


Bart & Leah Bolger, CDRs, USN (ret.)

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