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Ralph Nader Radio Hour: Two Soldiers’ View of War

Posted at the Radio Hour website October 16, 2021. This is a really great interview with two veterans, Erik Edstrom and our Veterans For Peace national executive director, Garett Reppenhagen. https://www.ralphnaderradiohour.com/two-soldiers-view-of-war/ We think you’ll find Ralph’s questions probing and Erik … Continue reading

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Veterans confront a system that ignores them

By MITCH USMC05-09, Deployed to Fallujah, Iraq, in 2006 Originally posted at Socialist Action. Veterans are tired. They are tired of a system that no longer listens to them, tired of longer deployments, tired of a medical system that takes days … Continue reading

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FCNL: Q&A on Nonmilitary Options against the Self-Proclaimed Islamic State

http://fcnl.org/issues/iraq/islamic_state_faq/ In this short piece, FCNL* asks all the right questions. The answers appear a bit simplistic at first glance, but imagine the possibilities if the world community had started with this approach and then aggressively fleshed out the necessary … Continue reading

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A local veteran’s story of healing

Injured Iraq veteran finding recovery through farming. A very active member of our Corvallis peace community and stalwart organizer with Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), Adele Kubein, agreed to share this story of her daughter’s immense challenges she has faced since returning … Continue reading

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America at War: A Record of Unparalleled Failure

How we rationalize military failures… The following article was originally posted at TomDispatch. In it, Tom Engelhardt thoroughly lays out and debunks the myths embedded in the popular support for US militarism. Today, as Mosul smoulders, its residents flee and the scariest … Continue reading

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Andrew Bacevich: A Decade of War

Andrew Bacevich spoke at U of O on May 15.  It was a powerful talk with some Q&A following. Here’s a link to view the archived video of the talk, which runs 87 minutes–time well spent, for us at least. … Continue reading

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