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Gorbachev Confronts US Imperialism…Again

This is an excellent interview of former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev by Sophie Shevardnadze of RT from December 2014. It’s just 24 minutes but so full of wisdom, history and insights on foreign affairs, especially Russia vs. the “west” today, … Continue reading

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Soft Power: The Vaccine Against Oppression

December 10, 2014 is International Human Rights Day and the 66th anniversary of the signing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a good lens through which to view (with horror) the CIA torture report. This article first appeared on November 25, 2014 … Continue reading

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Destroying More Hearts & Minds in Afghanistan

Lest we become hardened to the near-daily reports of innocent Afghan civilian deaths at the hands of NATO occupiers… Today we get another report of our “Special” forces killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan.  There appear to be 18 fewer Afghan … Continue reading

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