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VFP National Board renews call for ceasefire and negotiated peace in Ukraine…

…and denies use of the VFP name or logo by groups advocating arms shipments and other military support for Ukraine…all in accordance with the VFP Statement of Purpose. Statement on the War in Ukraine…adopted by the VFP National Board, April … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian lifeboat dilemma

There’s a classical dilemma in ethics you’ve likely heard of that’s known as the lifeboat problem. Imagine that you’re on the last lifeboat on a sinking ship. It’s already full beyond safe capacity. The chance of rescuers arriving any time soon is minimal. There are still passengers in the shark-infested water who…. Continue reading

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Be wary of mainstream media’s portrayal of the Russia – Ukraine conflict

This article by former Marine intelligence officer and weapons inspector Scott Ritter outlines some of the issues that are ignored or obfuscated by mainstream media sources. Continue reading

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