TiR Guest Speaker Guidelines

Guest Speaker Guidelines

The audience wants to hear your personal experience. For the purpose of classroom presentations, we want to steer clear of divisive political opinions.

Please be aware that Truth in Recruitment and guest speakers are held to the same standards of language and age-appropriate topics as any classroom teacher. We avoid sexist, racist, or politically intolerant language. So, although you should be open in your sharing, please use common sense in talking to minors in a public school setting. Telling stories that seem to condone illegal or violent acts could jeopardize our program’s access to school programs.

If you are a veteran, some things to mention:

What drew you to join the military?
Did your experience match your expectations?
Can you provide a specific example of something you experienced while you were serving that really changed your view point?
Your age when you enlisted and age when you left?
What was your job during active duty?
What was your job after you left?
Why did you leave?

If you are a conscientious objector, can you explain what that means?

Some things to mention
What does it mean to be a conscientious objector?
Why are you a conscientious objector?
What were the consequences of your decision?
Can you provide an example of something that you experienced that made you a conscientious objector?

Truth in Recruitment is a student advocacy group under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Friends Meeting (Quakers), a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. Our mission is to work with students, families, teachers, veterans, community organizations, and school districts to clarify the consequences of military careers, to provide alternative options so that students can make educated choices about their future, to inform families of their children’s privacy rights, and to advocate for policies regulating recruiter presence on campuses. 

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