Bringing the World Peace Game to Corvallis

Coming to an elementary school near you.

WPG Letterhead2In January 2014, John Hunter, author of World Peace…and Other 4th Grade Achievements, spoke during the Corvallis Martin Luther King, Jr. Week events and later presented the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Peace Lecture at Oregon State University.

John Hunter and Ele Adams (photo: Terry Adams)

John Hunter and Ele Adams (photo: Terry Adams)

September 4 UPDATE: See this excellent (and brief) interview with John Hunter in The Guardian (online, Sept. 4). It’s great to see Mr. Hunter’s work getting this well-deserved attention.

Terry and Ele have completed their facilitator training in Menlo Park, CA and sent the picture at right.

December 3 UPDATE: We’re still on track to launch the game at Hoover Elementary in Corvallis just after the Holidays. Fundraising is going great. Stay tuned for more updates.

Many of us were inspired by his presentation and pondered the possibility of bringing the World Peace Game to a Corvallis elementary school.

None more seriously than Ele Adams, a Corvallis High School junior, and her mom, Terry, a former elementary school teacher (and current instructor at OSU’s College of Education). Continue reading

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Soft Power: The Vaccine Against Oppression

December 10, 2014 is International Human Rights Day and the 66th anniversary of the signing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a good lens through which to view (with horror) the CIA torture report.

This article first appeared on November 25, 2014 in Breaking Defense here.


When he led NATO, Adm. James Stavridis regularly demonstrated his erudition and insight. We reporters loved talking with him, even if it was at breakfast in a DC hotel. He’s ridiculously over-educated, boasting both a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy and a doctorate from Tufts University, where he now leads their Fletcher School. Stavridis often tended to what military and national security types call soft power — the use of diplomacy, economic might and international cooperation — for solutions to the hard problems America faced, even as he led the world’s most powerful military alliance.

In this op-ed, Stavridis lends his reputation and position again to soft power. Read on. The [Breaking Defense] Editor.


Ebola is not the only virus threatening humanity. For nearly a decade, a spreading global contagion of oppression has caused setbacks in human rights of which ISIL is only the latest symptom. While no treatment has been developed for Ebola, a serum against its virulent moral and ideological counterparts emerged from the ashes of World War II.

The vaccine is embodied in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali called, “the quintessential values through which we affirm together that we are a single human community.” The breakthrough vision at the core of the declaration is a call to ordinary men and women to unite in promoting the freedoms essential to fully realize our common humanity. Continue reading

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Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Veterans For Peace United Kingdom on …

“A Different Kind of Tour: Finding Understanding Through Dialogue”

This is a must read, trust us.

peaceOur Veterans For Peace UK brothers are now reporting back, with a documentary film yet to come, on their late-October 2014 trip to Northern Ireland. Several of the lads served there during “the Troubles.”

From the introduction to the VFP UK trip reports:

On the 23rd of October 8 members of Veterans For Peace UK started a 4 day journey across the North of Ireland/Northern Ireland in order to meet with people and organisations drawn from communities which our group had previously been deployed against as soldiers. Our aim was to gain a greater understanding of the conflict we had been involved in and to reach out to former enemies. Here are the personal recollections of the veterans who attended the trip.

Continue reading

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Honor Vets – Don’t Rewrite Their History

Vietnam was a mistake and the scene of countless atrocities…but not according to the new and improved version coming from the Pentagon.

US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History

by Marjorie Cohn, Truthout, October 16, 2014


Now the Pentagon is planning to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War by launching a $30 million program to rewrite and sanitize its history. Replete with a fancy interactive website, the effort is aimed at teaching schoolchildren a revisionist history of the war. The program is focused on Continue reading

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VFP Linus Pauling Chapter resumes TiR work

New school year…New Truth in Recruiting (TiR) opportunities.

As the school year begins, the Linus Pauling Chapter is scheduling regular high school visits to help students considering joining the military make an intelligent decision.

We hope to go one step further this year, making presentations to classes to discuss the military enlistment option and its consequences.

We recently came upon a website which we found full of good information and with a broader (international) perspective:

Countering the Militarisation of Youth – A project of War Resisters’ International which seeks to identify and challenge the many ways in which young people around the world are encouraged to accept the military and military values as normal, and worthy of their uncritical support. Militarisation is a process which goes far beyond overt recruitment. It includes the presence and influence of the armed forces in education, public military events such as parades, and military-themed video games.

And please see our TiR Web Resources page for other good info.

If you’re interested in helping with our Truth in Recruiting work, please contact us at: info[at]

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Corvallis Advocate: World Peace Game is coming to Corvallis

It’s not too late to donate and help bring the World Peace Game to a Corvallis elementary school this fall. To make a tax-deductible donation, you can either use the “Network for Good” button in the right side bar of of this site or send us a check. See the lead story on our home page for further information.

One correction to the story below: After receiving a generous discount on training for Terry and Ele Adams, we were able to lower our fundraising goal to $3,500 — the Corvallis Advocate interview was conducted prior to this adjustment.

But we are still about $500 short of the new goal. Won’t you consider helping us?

Thanks. And many thanks to the donors and local organizations who have stepped forward thus far.

Here’s the Corvallis Advocate story from their July 31, 2014 issue:

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VFP Statement Against Israeli Assault on Gaza, 2014

Veterans For Peace National Convention; Asheville, North Carolina

July 26, 2014


Veterans For Peace Protest At Israeli Embassy In Washington, DC, July 21, 2014; photo: Bill Hughes

As veterans who have witnessed the horror of war, we are deeply outraged by the State of Israel’s slaughter of many innocent civilians in Gaza. The military assault against children, women and men, by air, by sea and now by land, is a clear violation of international laws of war and of human rights. Nearly 1,000 Palestinians have been murdered, almost all of them civilians, nearly a quarter of them children. Over 5,000 are wounded.

Veterans For Peace joins millions of people all around the globe who are shocked by this vicious, one-sided slaughter. We understand the huge injustice of the Israeli occupation. Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed from their homes and forced to live in the Occupied West Bank, or in the open-air prison that is Gaza. We call on Israel to stop the massacre now! There should be an immediate end to all bombing and an immediate withdrawal of all Israeli military from Gaza. We join with the international community in calling for a cease-fire. Continue reading

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Recent Corvallis Gaza support demonstrations (photos)

VFP Corvallis has joined other local groups at several recent Gaza solidarity actions over the past weeks. The response from passing motorists has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here are some photos of recent demonstrations (photo credit: Courtney Childs).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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